Thursday, July 9, 2009

Today I feel like I can't do it anymore.

What good is self pity? No good...But I'm ill, tired, hurt, and lonely. I feel like I can't do this another day. There is never enough sleep, enough love, enough companionship, enough time, and yet every day is 24 hours too long. I feel like I'm failing my children and myself with this attitude but I'm just unbelievably sad.

I wonder every day if I've done the right thing and when my time will come...I'm not strong enough to do this alone. I know I can't. I know I can't do this alone for much longer...

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ella ellis said...

you *can* do it.
look how much you've already done.
be strong! know you most certainly
are supported, even if no one is there helping you each day.

you will be fine. have trust. have faith. have peace.