Saturday, September 5, 2009

At home.

I took the kids to the homecoming game in town last night. I was anxious about being in that social situation and possibly not knowing anybody who was there or not fitting in or not being able to keep the kids calm and collected.

Really, it was a beautiful night and great time for us. We had snow cones, one of which ended up on my pants, leaving a red stain that covered my entire right thigh. My phone went flying down the bleachers, Mya lost her balance once, and both kids had sticky snow cone juice from head to toe. The people around us were endeared - not annoyed - by my children and their imperfections. I was endeared, too :)

When they got too restless, we headed to the grassy area past the endzone, where there must have been 100 small children running wildly. Alex and Mya recognized many of their friends from their old daycare, and I knew most of the parents there in different ways - from the dentist, from swimming lessons, vacation bible school, daycare, or the park.

We felt at home. It was a good feeling.

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