Thursday, October 21, 2010

Apparently with three years of living comes a fair amount of independence. Mya is feisty and fiercely independent this week, escaping snuggles and tickles like they could result in serious bodily harm. She fist pumps, break dances, and is - as I speak - bent over with her arms around Alex's knees to see if she can carry him. She can't.

She was stung in the eye by a wasp this afternoon. I felt sad for her and wished I could take her pain, but was grateful for such a wonderful opportunity to see Alex's heart. He comforted her the best he could, and when he was unable, he sobbed for her. "Mya, will that squirrel make you better? Would you like to watch a train pass, Mya? Would that help? Do you need a special scoop of ice cream?"

They are good kids with beautiful hearts :) We are so blessed!

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