Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We had our first session of women's Bible study at church tonight. Childcare was provided (and so appreciated!) along with coffee and deliciousness.

We discussed idols. Do you worship God but serve other idols? Do you identify first and foremost as a child of God or as something else, i.e. mother, employee, hippie, activist, citizen, or wife? To whom do you give your valuable resources like time, focus, money, and heart?

I try to hold myself accountable to God's expectations for worship, and I notice that I tend to struggle with the identifying portion of it. I often feel defined by motherhood specifically and feel that I serve that idol before God frequently. It is demanding and urgent, it seems, and it's easy to lose focus of my own heart and desire for truth and growth in the spirit, and instead focus on the macaroni boiling or the milk on the floor or the check for school pictures or the halloween costumes I ordered three days too late.

Tonight I pray that God helps me stay focused in both my worship and my service. I fully trust that if I focus my heart on him and pursue him steadfastly, he will change the monster responsibilities into mere details of daily living.

And kitchen smells like tuna. Off to clean.

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