Monday, March 9, 2009

interviewing alex

What is your favorite book? The Bible, my Jesus Book

What does your Bible look like? Jesus. Angels, yeah.

What’s your favorite color? Purple. My angel book is purple.

Who is your best friend? Mya. Mya and Daddy and Mommy.

Who is Mommy’s best friend? Mya.

How do you like to sleep? Good. I like to sleep good.

What makes you happy? Mya.

Are you a girl or a boy? Girl.

No, you’re a boy. Yeah, I’m a boy.

What’s your name? I’m AJ and I’m Alex.

What’s Mya’s name? Mya Crankypants Annalyse.

What’s Mommy’s name? Mommy Crankypants?

What’s Daddy’s name? Daddy Lon and Daddy Jesse. Me and Daddy want to go to work and you and Mya want to stay here.

When do you get in trouble? When Laura gets me in trouble.

Do you like answering my questions? Uh-huh.

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