Sunday, May 3, 2009

another day.

Mya is sleeping and I am away from Alex for the first extended period of time ever. He went home with Daddy and my heart is aching for him. Perhaps it's my controlling nature, but I'm here and uneasy because I wonder if his teeth are brushed, if he's warm enough, if he got a chance to say his prayers and talk about his day, if he got to set his favorite toy up to "wait for him" till morning, if his cold water is on the nightstand, if Daddy reminded him that his angels are with him...

I've been thinking alot lately. My motto is normally one day at a time, but at some point I need to think about our future. How will I incorporate the events of our lives into the story of our lives?

I will teach them that there are no excuses. That our struggles are no excuse for treating others poorly or not achieving what we expect of ourselves. That pointing fingers at those who have hurt us only further inhibits us in the long run. That we have no control over those around us, only control over our own attitude. That we only have each other and we need to love and forgive and enjoy each other daily.

I think people believe that situations like this MUST affect children negatively, but I don't necessarily believe that. This is merely an opportunity to display faith, strength, and self confidence.

PS Jesse is expecting a child with his girlfriend. But that's for another day.

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