Thursday, October 7, 2010

Could it be that God genuinely wants me to heal from the pain of my sin?

It is so incredibly difficult to grasp this concept, that perhaps the God I call Father operates differently from everything I have ever known. My parents taught me that I must suffer the consequences of my actions and that the damage and pain caused by some mistakes can never be undone. I teach my own children that there are consequences for their actions and attempt to be consistent in order to ensure that there are, in fact, consequences for their actions. Could it be that we must often pay the worldly consequences but can - if we choose - have complete healing and pardon through Christ? Be free from the pain and suffering that we know is deserved and earned?

I am realizing more each day the level of awesomeness I am dealing with here.

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Stacey said...

I totally believe that God heals the soul :) Yes, we may suffer physically or relationally for our sins, those are just the natural consequences of some of our actions, but God wants to completely restore our souls. There is no one that does not deserve God's love and mercy!