Wednesday, October 13, 2010

ridiculously incredible...because it's an awesome thing to say.

I found a man who places greater value on the beauty within than the beauty without.

This is so incredibly different from everything I have ever known and is challenging me in a new and amazing way. Instead of practicing my makeup techniques, doing a little extra yoga, and replacing my thrifty wardrobe, I must seek Christ and his power and willingness to restore and make whole and beautiful. In order to please this amazing man of God, I must know God, must seek his heart, obey his commands for my life, and love myself through his eyes. In order to accept his love I must trust that I am a child of God, valuable and pleasing.

How can I doubt that this is God's desire when it requires such intimacy with the Holy Spirit in order to move forward and so wonderfully glorifies God throughout the process?

Amazing how God's gifts to us ultimately bring the glory back to him. I am ever grateful for this beautiful mess (God being beautiful and me being the mess!) that is my life.

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a.w. marks said...

I have a feeling that he's ridiculously pleased with you. Just a hunch :)