Monday, April 13, 2009

called as a child, lost as an adult.

I believe that faith is individual and personal. I am struggling to find the point at which my spirit collides with the holy spirit.

I believe in God and Jesus Christ. I have been called to know him personally since I was a young child, and have felt led to salvation most of my life. When I stray, he is always pulling me back and taking me in. There are so many moments in my life that I can't question the work of God's hand. I am so, so blessed...

I have always believed in Bible-based faith paired with guidance from the holy spirit. However, in this day and age, I have such a difficult time grasping the message behind the literal words of the Bible. An excellent example is homosexuality; I refuse to believe that God wants us to actively prevent homosexuals from marrying. Taking time out of my day to prevent another person's happiness--when it does no harm to me or my family--is hateful and intolerant...I believe that God knows their souls and it his place and only his place to pass the final judgment. I believe that we are all where we are because we are molded by our environment and our experiences...And I refuse to hate people who are hurting.

Christians call it tough love but those who don't believe FEEL hate through our actions. I often wonder where my place is. I just mind my own business, really...But am I fulfilling the life that God has planned for me when I sit in the back pew and look inward?

I teach my children about Jesus Christ but I pray they don't meet the real Christians until they're old enough to understand...

Does that make sense to anyone but me?

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Lara said...

Yes, it does make sense. We get caught up in believing each other more than looking toward God and seeing what he wants us to know. It is too easy to group together and form opinions and many times too difficult to follow another path. I don't think God wants us to spend time preventing others from marrying. Who are we to say what those people feel. If we are so worried about them, maybe we should stop trying to push them around and try to get to know them and pray for them. We as Christians have to stop and think, "what would Jesus do?" Really, what would he do? He certainly wouldn't try to put up a wall between non-believers and believers. I could talk about this all day. Tolerance. It is more important than people want to believe.