Saturday, April 18, 2009

the things he does.

I like to keep track of the things Alex says and does because it's so easy to forget! Our highlights from this week:

Mya nibbled on the edge of a piece of his Easter chocolate (yay! me for allowing chocolate! goodbye uptight Rynae, hello I-allow-chocolate-at-Easter Rynae!) so there were little teeth grooves with a space between them. AJ shrieked with delight and screamed, "Daddy, Mommy! LOOK! The Easter Bunny ate my candy!!!"

We were leaving daycare the other day when a lady pulled up in an SUV. Alex asked who it was and I said, "Just a lady." She got out of her car and came toward us (heading for the daycare) and AJ pointed and yelled, "Silly mama! He's not a lady! He's a man!"

Alex and Mya were bathing together two weeks ago and he showed his first interest in the fact that her "private parts" were different than his. He looked at her from the back, looked at her from the front, and with a puzzled look asked "Mommy, does Mya have two butts?!"

Out of the mouths of babes...

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